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Nora was born in Philadelphia, PA, and grew up in East Hampton, NY. She is a sophomore at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU and plans to graduate in 2026. Nora is a multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter whose musical career up until last year has taken place on the East End of Long Island where she spends her summers playing solo gigs and working at a vintage clothing store


Her journey started in sixth grade when she started playing at open mics with a borrowed ukulele. She picked up the guitar the summer of 2017 and hasn’t looked back since then. Nora’s first gigs were at Harbor Bistro with Josh Brussel during the summer of 2019.  She began putting together a setlist, and before long, she was able to book some of her own solo gigs.  She has become a regular on the Hamptons music circuit playing at multiple venues including the Stephen Talkhouse, 668 the Gig Shack, Baystreet Theatre and many more!


In her sophomore year of high school, she started an all girls band called DiNK!  The original goal of putting this band together was to compete in the Neo Political Cowgirls annual Battle of the Fantasy Girl Bands. However, after they won the competition in 2020, they decided to keep playing together at art events, open mics, and in Dot’s basement.  While they continue to jam together over summers, college has put a damper on DiNK and Nora is looking to start a new band whether it’s in NYC or out east!


As much as Nora loves the community of musicians and support for local music that she has back home, since coming to NYU she has realized that she is ready to broaden her horizons and take the next step in her career. She has been working on a collection of songs that she plans to release in the near future, in the form of an EP. You can check out some of the works in progress here! 

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